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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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It was either save Tuvix and let Neelix and Tuvok cease to exist. Or save Neelix and Tuvok and have Tuvix cease to exist. There is no real answer.

The former had already happened as the result of an accident, where as the latter is deliberately murdering a person simply because you like the other two better. The first wasn't a choice, it just happened. The second was a choice and a morally bankrupt one. No one has the right to play god and decide who lives and dies.
When Tuvix is originally formed, though, keep in mind that he still thought of himself as two separate entities and WANTED to be separated. It was after a certain amount of time had passed and he had gotten used to his new existence...that he started to see himself as his own person.

At that point, when someone looks at you and says "I am an individual" does become morally wrong. I don't deny that. But to be honest, it's TV. They could not just add Tuvix to the cast and kick out Tuvok and Neelix. If anything...they shouldn't have had that episode.
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