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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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GR threatened to blacklist Ellison if he insisted on keeping his pseudonym on CITY, and his attorney in later years was positively crazed, as has been attested to by pretty much everybody who had dealings with them.
Personally, I never believed Ellison's claim on that. Gene Roddenberry never struck me as having that kind of juice and Harlan had too many working relationships with too many other producers -some of whom (Sam Rolfe for instance) didn't care for Roddenberry and surely wouldn't join him in trying to "blacklist" anyone. Also, as litigious and "tough guy" as Ellison has been made out to be this claim of fearing a "blacklist" just rings hollow to my ears (and always has).
Taking into account the fact that Ellison was already persona non grata at ABC courtesy Adriam Samish and would remain so for another couple years, any such threat seems all too real to me.

Plus he just ain't got no reason to lie about it. If you think about it, just about everybody seems to have deceived Ellison during his trek experience, except maybe Nimoy & Kelley ... I mean DC Fontana didn't cop to rewriting him for decades, and I used to have an issue of CINEFANTASTIQUE that has a letter from her specifically denying her involvement in any rewriting on CITY.

I'm very big on Ellison's nonfiction writing, less so for his screenwriting by a little bit, with his fiction lower than that (still way up there though.) I've only come across a couple of instances where there seems to be any real inconsistency or sense of duplicity in his accounting and recounting of affairs, and I'd bet they were errors of memory rather than a sense of revisionism and making himself look good.

I'm pretty sure the guy respects THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALLANCE enough to never want to contribute to 'print the legend' they way so many others in the entertainment biz (and I include politics in that category) do.
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