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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

The Buddy Holly Story - free admission
Trekkies 2 - Netflix Instant
Machete Maidens Unleashed! - Netflix Instant
Aisha Tyler is Lit: Live at the Fillmore - Netflix Instant
Wrong - free admission
Winnebago Man - Netflix Instant
Kevin Nealon: Now Hear Me Out - Netflix Instant
Pocahontas - Netflix Instant
Barbarella - Netflix Instant
Girls Gone Dead - Netflix Instant
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder - Netflix Instant
Bill Burr: Let It Go - Netflix Instant
Jim Gaffigan: Mr Universe - Netflix Instant
Stolen- Netflix Instant
Jurassic Park 3D - free admission
Faire: An American Renaissance - free admission
Bobcat Goldthwait: You Don't Look the Same Either - Netflix Instant
The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie - Netflix Instant
Doctor Detroit - Netflix Instant
C.H.U.D. - Netflix Instant

Went out last Sunday to see F:AAR, a documentary about the birth & evolution of the rennie faires, from their start near Malibu, California to the expansion across the U.S. as a commercial enterprise. I enjoyed it, and since I was in the area for something else, I wore one of my DS9 uniform shirts. Most of the other folks at the screenin' were in faire garb.

Went nuts with the Netflix again.

Bobcat Golthwait's standup was pretty good.

TCoC:TM wasn't as good as I had hoped, though there was a lot of behind the scenes stuff, instead of actual stage performances.

Was curious about Dan Aykroyd's movie, so I watched it, he plays a nerdy professor who is seduced into becomin' a Chicago pimp. It was pretty stupid.

And then CHUD, a horror movie about toxic waste mutants under the streets of New be honest, it could have used more mutants, and less everybody else.

Got a plan to see the new Evil Dead with a friend tonight. Hope it doesn't suck.
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