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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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I think many like minded did see this scene as a sign of progress, and not because of their race but because of the time.
You make a very good distinction and I find your take very interesting and well-said.

I think it would be very telling to read the 60's news headlines (when the piece was written, not broadcast) to better understand the writer's POV.
I hope others will contribute on this, but the glorification of "the kiss," according to my recollection, didn't really spark much coverage or applause at the time. Plato's Stepchildren was not nominated for any awards (not even a Hugo). The significance of "the kiss" didn't seem to grow until sometime after the show's cancellation. Again, that's how I remember it and I would be the first one to be interested in how other folks recall it.
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