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I thought you might find this interesting in regards to the tabby discussion:

"Tabbies are so ubiquitous that many people think of them as a breed. Not so; the tabby is a color pattern - most often stripes, but sometimes stripes and whorls, or even spots and stripes. The tabby pattern is so popular that it can be found in many pedigreed cats today, and is accepted in a number of breeds by the most popular registries."

Every cat is genetically a tabby. It is the expression or suppression of various genes that indicates coat colour. Even a solid black cat is a tabby. The agouti gene is either turned off or on to hide the pattern in black cats.

When Jack was a kitten you could easily see his "ghost" tabby markings. As he aged he became solid black (although you can still see glimpses of his ghost tabby markings in bright sunlight).

Just an FYI if anyone was interested!

This is NOT Jack, but it is an illustration of what he looked like before he became "solid"
That's awesome! I knew that it wasn't a breed, but I didn't realize you could even see it on a black cat. Comet has typical dark tabby coloring. He's got a little bit of Maine Coon but I don't know how much. His hair is sort of a medium length, and he's definitely larger than normal cats but not huge like Junior.

Oh and he has the whorl pattern which I like.



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