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Re: Best Audio Book?

I bought a few more Six/Evelyn Stories, so, sadly I'm going to have to pass on The Ice Warriors Stories, which is a bummer, I like the Onscreen appearances of them, and I see two of them are Peladon stories

Also, now that I am beyond 2003 on the Six/Evelyn stories, they have risen in price, Downloads were $7.99 each for 2003 and earlier release, but, 2004/2005 release are $11.99 and 2006 release was $12.99. Still definitely worth the price, but, really slows down the acquisition of the stories. On the Plus side, I now have 10 Six/Evelyn stories (Project: Twilight through Thicker Than Water) waiting for me when I finish Mordant's Need (Well, three of them still need to be burned to CD, but, I'll do that tonight). Still gonna take me another month or more to finish Mordant's Need, so, I might acquire most of the other 8 Six/Evelyn Stories by then
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