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An interesting theory...but I can see a few significant logical holes in it. For one thing, the only reason Jaavik's "wait till the dust clears" plan even got close to working is because it was supposed to be done in secret. The reapers found out (probably through the Prothean cycle equivalent of Cerberus) so they attacked and believed the facility wiped out.

So basically, there's no way the Reapers don't know that Cerberus has that area of space after the events of ME2. There's no way they can just hide there in secret. Even if they do ram the Omega-4 relay with Omega itself (very cool idea, BTW!) we already know they're perfectly capable of "walking it". It only took them two-and-a-bit years to FTL it from their darkspace relay to Batarian space, then another six months from the Bhak (sp?) system to the Batarian home system. Getting from the most core-ward relay to the galactic core may take a lot longer, but what's a decade or century to the Reapers? Plus, it's not like the reapers don't know where it is, right?

Another thing that might bugger things up is the Reaper vanguard. One assumes they leave one behind just for this reason and if Javvik's mission had gone according to plan, Sovereign would have jumped all over them. One can only assume that the Ilos scientists only knew about the use of a vanguard after the fact. So even if the reapers don't come to take out Cerberus at the core, you can be damn sure whoever they leave behind this time around will be sure to keep an eye out for them.
Plus its not that surprising TIM might go for controlling the Reapers I mean in the first game Cerberus was trying to control Rachni and Thorian Creepers as part of a slave army, and in Mass Effect 2 they tried making a VI god to control the Geth, and had in the past tried to create a super biotic, as well as TIM seeing the Collector base as a means to allow humanity to not only defeat the Reapers but any other races he sees as threats.

So it look obvious that he is after anything that gives humanity an edge over the other races so why wouldn't he try to go for the ultimate one and control the most advanced race in the universe. Especially since if he succeeds no one could oppose Cerberus or humanity.

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As for the Crucible; well whatever you call it and however you handle it, you're always going to need some kind of MacGuffin to drive the plot forward.
Plus it was kind of hinted at in the end of Mass effect when Shepard said he/she was off to find something to beat the Reapers with, and then brought up again in lair of the Shadow Broker when Liara mentioned the previous Broker was looking into the Protheans in a conversion that hinted at them having one last ace hidden up their sleeves they didn't get to use in time.
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