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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Centauri.
B is for Betazoid.
C is for Cardassia III.
D is for Denobulus.
E is for Earth, capital and central planet of the Federation.
F is for Ferenginarn.
G is for Gorn eyes. Some had silvery compound ones, others had more reptillian ones with irises and pupils.
H is for Holographic testicles.
I is for Irradiated. If you stood too close to an unshielded warp reactor, this could happen to you.
J is for Jadzia Dax.
K is for Kamarag, Klingon Ambassador to the Federation from at least 2286 until at least 2293.
L is for Ligon II.
M is for Martian Colonies. At least one existed before the year 2067 and full colonization was considered to have been achieved by 2103.
N is for Nazi. Captain Kirk made a very convincing one.
O is for orbit. Standard or otherwise. Lots of questions about them on the starship drivers license test.
P is for Poncy Federation Diplomats.
Q is for Q...the awesome omnipotent Q played by John de Lancie.
R is for Red Hour, the daily purging of suppressed violent and carnal emotions by the people of planet Beta III.
S is for Suluban. What the Enterprise gym did to Sulu after he started running around the ship shirtless with a sword.
T is for all the different alien races whose names start with the letter T. Way too many to mention here, that's for sure.
U is for Universal Armageddon.
V is for the Voyager series of early human space probes, launched in the late 20th century.
W is for Warp 10 threshold.
X is for Xindi test weapon. It killed 7 million innocent human beings from Florida south yto Venezuela.
Y is for Yangs. Yanks. Yankees. Whatever.
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