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Re: The Roddenberry Reputation

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... And a lot of that is tied into Roddenberry's myth making.
To me though this serves as a valuable teaching tool by taking someone familier and allowing us to see the forces of human nature at work. Myth making is as old as our species on Earth (and possibly beyond!). Every leader of every movement of any kind did it (or at least their followers) - even Ghandi and his devotees (extra points for linking Roddenberry and Ghandi!).

It is by taking these small instances and fitting them into the bigger picture that we gain wisdom. So please folks, don't get angry by any of it or to cheat yourselves from the lessons it can teach ... use these to glean something good from it and pass on what you find. Use this event to give you the tools to look around and spot the modern day myth making.

Maybe start a thread in the appropriate folder to share thoughts and examples of this phenomenon.
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