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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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I'd have to say Insurrection sunk the TNG films. I don't dislike the movie, but it doesn't do anything for me.
Do you realize the power of what you wrote?

Ummm... ...

... no?


That is absolutely the most condemning thing anyone could say. To say that after $60 million and thousands of hours labor they instilled within you a feeling of indifference.

Yes, and I'm involved in an independent film right now. I've put in long, 20 hour days.

If someone says that film does nothing for them when it comes out, then that's what happens. You get praise, you get criticism... you get indifference.

People, by our nature, are prone to feel something. It is only an extreme case when something leaves us feeling nothing. There can be no solace or upshot to that from the point-of-view of the cast or crew. That makes it an unqualified failure for all concerned.
The soundtrack is a bit playful. There... I felt something.

The rest of your post is addressed toward other people so I won't bother to get into that.

No, what killed the TNG films was the total taking for granted the wonderfulness of what they had by all concerned taking shortcuts. The lack of quality which resulted was seen and felt. In short, it was a suicide.
Yes, and if Insurrection weren't tied down to its December 11, 1998 release date no matter what they would've had time to make a better film.

For that reason, while it's too bad it's taking four years for Star Trek Into Darkness to come out, it's better if they took their time to get it done right than done quick.

For the record, the film I'm involved with is I Am Monroe? and my name is Roland Khorshidianzadeh. For those who've known me online for a decade or more, yes, I finally got myself into the industry. It's one of the many reasons I post a lot less than I used to.

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