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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Janeway didn't kill anyone. She restored Tuvok and Neelix back to normal after a transporter accident.

It was basically the same as when The Doctor restored B'Elanna back to normal after the division of her in "Faces".
According to the poll I took on that subject...

The group consensus is that B'Elanna died in Faces and was replaced by a transpoprter clone that might as well have been the same woman but wasn't.

It's a close vote. You could totally change the will of the group with one vote.

The power is yours.

But then after Deadlock they're all spacial scission clones except Naomi and Harry, who were the only first class citizens and not freak accidents with dellusions of grandure... Which is when I laughably remind you that Harry was the only real Starfleet officer left and there for the real Captain of Voyager but he was to fricking dim to figure it out.
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