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An interesting theory...but I can see a few significant logical holes in it.
I didn't bring this up as a theory. I brought it up to explain how I would have handled Cerberus differently in ME3. The points I made in comparison to their role in the actual game was just to showcase that you wouldn't have to change all that much. They're trying to stop the galaxy from fighting the Reapers, they've seized the Omega station and have established a the center of the galaxy where the Collector Base once resided.

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Well the thing is, since TIM had been under reaper influence since just after the First Contact war, anything he knew, they knew. So destroying the base or not makes no difference. Indeed, how do you think the reapers found out about and dealt with Sanctuary's breakthrough so quickly? Through TIM.
Like I said, if I was writing ME3 I would have handled things a lot more differently. I wouldn't have resorted to TIM being indoctrinated by the Reapers, and I certainly wouldn't have had that bloody Dues Ex Machina "The Crucible" in the game. All those scientists from all those races and not one of them is a Cerberus spy or an indoctrinated puppet? And of course, and this is just purely for self-indulgence, I wouldn't have made Earth the center of the universe.
Yeah, "theory" was a poor choice of words. "Concept" was probably what I actually meant. As for TIM, to be fair I think his being indoctrinated was foreshadowed fairly well in ME2. I mean the eyes for one. The only other character with eyes like that was Saren....and husks.

As for the Crucible; well whatever you call it and however you handle it, you're always going to need some kind of MacGuffin to drive the plot forward. A specific goal against which you can measure your progress. Where it falls apart for me is the way it became this multi-functional thematically differentiated ending generator. Makes no sense at all to me. The end result should have been an organic outgrowth of your decisions, so by reducing all that to a simple trinary selection trod all over what the games had been up to that point. Ironic considering that most of those past decisions were themselves just a series of binary choices.

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I certainly wouldn't have had that bloody Dues Ex Machina "The Crucible" in the game.
I'm still semi-convinced that there was some misunderstanding between Casey and Mac around the whole 'deus ex' thing - Casey told Mac that he wanted to mirror Deus Ex: HR's ending, while Mac heard that they needed a Deus Ex Machina at the end of the game.....

In the end we got both - and it DIDN'T all.
It's funny, I did wonder at the time if they'd pull a Deus Ex ending (the literal meaning, not the game which I *still* haven't finished!) One of my *many* theories/speculations to this effect was that the Crucible was some kind of "ultra" mass relay like the Vorlon artefact in B5's 'Thirdspace' that would open a gateway to another place to either banish the reapers indefinitely, or allow the survivors to escape them and this galaxy forever. The DEM part comes in where, like in 'Thirdspace', rather than getting something out, you end up letting something else *in* and it's WAY worse than the reapers.

It ties in with an idea about reaper motivations I had back in ME2. Basically it boils down to them harvesting as a means of reproduction. Not because of some singularity mumbo-jumbo, but rather out of sheer necessity. Reason being, instead of hanging out in standby mode in darkspace for fifty millennia, they're actively fighting off some terror from across the galactic void and they need to periodically replenish their numbers. In this version of reality, the whole universe would have been dominated by some runaway nightmare von Neumann machine and the milkyway is the last bastion of organic life in the whole universe, preserved only because some ancient race created the reapers and were able to fight them to a standstill. The irony being that the reapers are themselves ' von Neumann' machines of a sort.

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