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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I see it as equivalent to any other Trek episode where a crewman is taken over and controlled by a noncorporeal being. Any captain would have tried to get his crewman back. For Janeway, two of the crew were being controlled by a single entity.
Tuvix wasn't an entity that possessed them. Tuvix was a sentient being created from them.

He did nothing to cause it; he was the result.
You are splitting hairs here because neither did they. The law would force someone to prove ownership, how do you prove that when you have those on one side saying no matter what when on before, no matter who was deprived of their rights, I am now in possession of this body and I am going to keep it.

And this is what I mean about prejudice. We can find all kinds of explanations. Taya, explains that her opinion comes from years of being in the medical field and I totally believe her, but another individual with that same experience can have a totally different opinion of this scenario.

It's gut deep, it comes from prejudice as Guy pointed out, and it comes from experience, just the same way as Taya's opinion comes from experience. But that opinion is filtered by each individual's deeply held prejudice and is fueled by his experience.

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I've asked this before and nobody's ever given an answer that I'm aware of: if Tuvix is allowed to be killed because he's not considered a being with the right to life yet, how long must he be allowed to exist before he is granted that right? Weeks? Months? Years? Never? When does he get to stop living his life knowing it might be taken away from him at any moment?
DonIago, my opinion is that the moment a viable solution to restore Tuvok and Neelix was found, Tuvix's rights ended. If it took them a hundred years to actually separate the two men, it would still be their lives to restore, not Tuvix's right to continue. Tuvix did not have Tuvok nor Neelix's permission to use their bodies to sustain his.

I like your reasoning in that last part. If it is looked at as Tuvix using Neelix' and Tuvok's bodies against their wills, it makes the case for separating the two to restore them a lot clearer.
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