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An interesting theory...but I can see a few significant logical holes in it.
I didn't bring this up as a theory. I brought it up to explain how I would have handled Cerberus differently in ME3. The points I made in comparison to their role in the actual game was just to showcase that you wouldn't have to change all that much. They're trying to stop the galaxy from fighting the Reapers, they've seized the Omega station and have established a the center of the galaxy where the Collector Base once resided.

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Well the thing is, since TIM had been under reaper influence since just after the First Contact war, anything he knew, they knew. So destroying the base or not makes no difference. Indeed, how do you think the reapers found out about and dealt with Sanctuary's breakthrough so quickly? Through TIM.
Like I said, if I was writing ME3 I would have handled things a lot more differently. I wouldn't have resorted to TIM being indoctrinated by the Reapers, and I certainly wouldn't have had that bloody Dues Ex Machina "The Crucible" in the game. All those scientists from all those races and not one of them is a Cerberus spy or an indoctrinated puppet? And of course, and this is just purely for self-indulgence, I wouldn't have made Earth the center of the universe.
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