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Well the thing is, since TIM had been under reaper influence since just after the First Contact war, anything he knew, they knew. So destroying the base or not makes no difference. Indeed, how do you think the reapers found out about and dealt with Sanctuary's breakthrough so quickly? Through TIM.
Ah yes, Evolution. I guess I'm talking more along the lines of how they could have spun out the Omega 4 plot had they chosen to go that way directly after ME2. As soon as Evolution nails down TIM's indoctrination as having taken place as early as it did, then that whole storyline goes up in smoke.

As Shepard's line RE: the human reaper embryo corpse: IIRC, she just says she's surprised they managed to salvage *as much* as they did, not that they salvaged anything at all. Plus of course it's no secret on Omega before the invasion that Cerberus were coming and going through the O4R, so I'm sure even without TIM or indeed the Adjutants or any other active Reaper tech (like the Oculus fighters for example) word would have gotten back to them through indoctrinated agents. Hell, just simple deduction. Any hint of reaper tech and Cerberus is on it like moths to a flame. It doesn't take a billion year old AI with the collective processing power of tens of thousands of ancient civilizations to figure out that Cerberus would have *some* kind of presence there.
No, that's right. I wasn't quite sure how far Shepard's quote went, but the quote along with the other reasoning means again that the O4 plot would only have worked if they'd decided to go that way directly after ME2. Even then though, they'd have had to have come up with something convincing to get around the logical deduction fail that would need to have taken place on the Reapers' part.

Yes and no. Getting hold of census data and the like by taking the Citadel straight away gives them a rough snapshot of the galaxy at the time of their arrival. This no doubt allows they to better plan their patterns of attack, pick priority targets and where to leave certain areas free to drive indoctrinated refugees into and ferret out any hidden sanctuaries. I don't think for one second that they depended on it too much though. It's just a tool for increased efficiency.
The way I'd see it working would be that the Citadel is the starting point to highlight all the positions of power - in this case, Palaven, Thessia, Earth etc - From there, those places are then hit and more information is harvested, ie. they hit Earth, and then obtain information as to where all Earth's colonies are.

If anything, the Reapers had it easier in previous cycles - From what we're told our cycle is unusual in that there isn't one power ruling centrally. If there had been, and the Citadel was their seat of power, then it's possible that the Reapers might have actually been able to get what they needed just from the Citadel. If information about Ilos had been present in numerous locations then it would almost certainly have been culled along with the rest.

As for their knowing the current location of Cronos (according to the books, it moves periodically); see above.
Well yeah, TIM being indoctrinated kind of kills that argument anyway I guess!

Well, let's be honest, just about anything would have been better, no?
I really don't see how they could have handled Cerberus and TIM much worse to be honest......

Oh absolutely and really, while the final product was incomplete, at least it wasn't *broken* in the technical sense. The failure was one of storytelling, not game mechanics, which is more that a lot of recent games can say.
If it were just a case of certain plot points needing to be filled in with DLC then they'd probably have gotten away with it. Lack of context around the Protheans? Here, check out From Ashes. Know that big hole in the plot about Aria getting kicked off of Omega? Here, check out Omega. Hey, say you want to know more about the origins of the Reapers? Well here's Leviathan. All of that would have worked. It would. Unfortunately, there's one area of the game that drastically needed the extra time, and not just from a 'getting it done' POV, but in actual conceptualization terms. The ending, it doesn't work. They put out the EC to add more context. That wasn't the primary problem that people had with it. BW's refusal to acknowledge that fact and their absolute reluctance to change anything meaningful, just leaves a permanent bitter aftertaste to the series for many.
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