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Is Junior part mackerel tabby, auntiehill? I noticed the telling M mark on his forehead. And he does look like a big healthy boy. How big is he?
I know he's a Maine Coon and I suspect part Tabby, but the owner who rescued his mother said he was full Maine Coon. Not terribly sure about that.

Back in October, he weighed about 12 pounds. Now, he's probably closer to 13 or 14. He's now about 16 months old.

I tried to measure him with a tape measure (not easy, as he kept trying to eat the tape measure) and stretched him out a bit. His body was about 26 inches. Add about another 9 or 10 inches for his tail.

I have a 21 inch monitor on my desktop, so for comparison, here's Junior sleeping on my keyboard.
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