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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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And as I said in response, it makes no sense to use that very low-budget show as an exemplar for TV superhero shows in general.
Then what show should I use as an exemplar of TV shows...
None of them. That is the whole point -- that there are too many differences among different shows to assume you can generalize from any single example.

, that show was on the longest running super hero tv show and the most successful, so its pretty easy to use that as an exemplar.
See, you're making the exact same mistake right there. It was successful by The CW's standards because The CW is a tiny network. By any other broadcast network's standards, its ratings would've guaranteed its failure. This is why you can't generalize. The networks are not identical and interchangeable. The budgets, the standards of success, the level of competition, they're different for each network, for each timeslot, for each show. There is no universal formula -- that's what I've been trying to explain to you. Each situation is different.

Another problem is, the TV producers often seem to less respect for the source material then the movie makers do. I actually think a Punisher TV show on HBO would be pretty good, but for a while Fox was in talks to make a Punisher TV show and it sounded terrible. Look at the recent Wonder Woman pilot, it was god awful. Most of the TV producers seem to chuck out all the stuff that made the comic good and replace it with stuff that makes it bland generic network TV.
Again you're resorting to lazy stereotypes and false generalizations. Some shows are more faithful to the source than others; some movies are more faithful to the source than others. It's case by case. If you can't recognize that, you'll never get a clue.
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