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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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Overlord, you repeatedly use the phrase "take something interesting in the comics and make it less interesting in the TV show," or variations thereof. To whom exactly is it "less interesting"? Besides yourself, obviously.

Just curious.
Well that's a matter of opinion of course, I can't speak for everyone, just my experience with these shows. If some people think say Smallville is as, if not more interesting as the comics, good on them, there is lots of people who don't think that. This thread is about opinions, I can't objectively measure what makes something more interesting then something else, that is impossible, I can only express my opinion on the subject.

So what you want me to say, of course is this is my opinion, that's the point. But have all the changes made in TV versions of the comics have been for the better? Is there not a lot of room for debate on which changes worked and which ones didn't?
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