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Re: Being Human (American Version) - Season 3

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Yeah, the actress isn't distinctive enough and hasn't been around enough to be that recognizable out of context.

But I am psyched that the show is renewed. At this point, I had resigned myself to cancellation.
Being Human must be doing exceptionally well for SyFy to not have cancelled it. That or they do not have much faith in Defiance (which I don't either) and want to keep on another genre show.

I mean besides Being Human and Warehouse 13 what original programming do they have left?
Haven, which has also been renewed for a fourth season. And FaceOff, which is also in its fourth or fifth season.

As I've argued before, the whole "Syfy cancels everything!" meme is mostly a fannish myth. They stick with genre shows longer than every other network. When was the last time Syfy cancelled a series midway through its first season, like the other networks do all the time? Even CAPRICA and SGU and ALPHAS lasted a couple of full seasons--unlike TERRA NOVA or FAST/FORWARD or FIREFLY or whatever

(Heck, Fox just cancelled THE CULT today--after how many episodes?)

And yet somehow Syfy ends up with a reputation as a show-killer because it cancels FARSCAPE or EUREKA after four or five seasons.

As though no other channel has ever cancelled a fan-favorite TV show before . . . .

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