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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

Use of Time wrote: View Post
I think you posting that picture of the opening credits has him scrambling to save face now, hence the irrational comparisons to Twilight, etc. It is a temper tantrum, nothing more, nothing less.

Since the picture was post number 30, and my mention of Twilight was in post 27, your whole point has fallen flat on its face. Unless you think 30 comes before 27 somehow?

There are many reasons to not care for Enterprise. Why limit it to one?

Bad writing. Terrible acting. The theme song. Its fucked up timeline. Ferengi. A ship that is supposedly 100 years before the TOS Enterprise, yet looks far more advanced. Future Guy. A Night in Sickbay.

If you can overlook the numerous failings of the show, good for you. My opinion is that is a failure start to finish.
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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