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Re: Why is DC so far behind Marvel in terms of movies?

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Green Lantern and the Fantastic Four would be hard to do a live action movie, how would make those characters work on a TV budget? Would they just never use their powers or fight any of their iconic villains?
Well, one could do a hybrid show: live-action dialogue scenes and blatantly animated action sequences. I seem to remember some very short-lived UPN show circa 2001 trying this... something about lady ninja samurais or what-not.

Would I give such a mixture a shot? Sure. Would the general public go for it? I very much doubt it.
That might work, but as you said I don't think the general public would go for it. Plus I think it would take a huge budget and a great talent to make that work.

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Green Lantern would be fairly easy to do on a TV budget these days. The actual visual effects can be done fairly cheaply with todays technology. You would ditch the CGI costume from the movie for a practicle one and that right there is a huge savings in time and money. The series would be mostly set on Earth with a few sets for Oa. Villian/Alien of the week would be the biggest production cost but no more so than say Defiance will rack up.
The 60's Batman had very good production values for its time, much more so than the 70's Spiderman had.
I think you are being overly optimistic, I didn't think the aliens or the GL constructs looked over good in the movie and that movie cost a ton. They would likely look even worse on a TV budget, I think you would need a special effects genius to make that work on TV and even then it be pretty doubtful.
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