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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

Yeah, that was a pretty bold move by Malcolm. I have to give him credit for the attempt and for actually convincing Reynold to go along with it so easily, even though it didn't work out. Although it does put an even bigger target on his back now.

Andrea's done pretty good as a more overt player, but who I think is secretly playing a good game behind the scenes is Brenda. She's been something of a cipher this season (compared to the past where she was more vocal and manipulative of the chess pieces in the game like Andrea has been), at least on camera, but she seems tuned in to the vote and can pull out an individual immunity win as needed. If anyone actually fits Phillip's idiotic "Steal-R-Us" label it's her, for actually playing a stealthy low-key game this time around. I think she'll start to really become more prominent as time goes on in the game (at least, I hope so).

The blond haired Shaggy from Scooby-Doo looking guy has also been pretty low-key, but I just think that's because he's dumb as a rock in his case rather than any strategic thinking on his part.

I remain impressed with Cochrane this season, both as a source of entertainment during his frequent self-deprecating interviews and the challenges, and he's actually playing a game befitting his level of intelligence this time rather than his over-hyped play that went nowhere before.

If Dawn is crying about having to betray someone in the previews for next week I'm going to puke. She's been shockingly one of the biggest (if not the top) backstabbers and betrayers in the game this season, which is fine since it's just a game, but drop the playing the game with strong morals pretense if that's the case. Maybe she's just stressed out in general, and it's not about that. I think she's been a good player this season, but the drama gets a little bit much.

Phillip remains a giant tool, and not in any useful way.

The challenge of shooting balls into the net was poorly designed. They placed the net way too far back and high up for the defender on the platform to be able to do anything once the players found out that the key to scoring was to simply throw the ball in a high arc over their heads. After that it simply became a challenge of seeing who were the better shots (Reynold's team obviously) and the goalie was meaningless. I will give them credit for the (sort of) new challenge and venue though; I was intrigued when I first saw the river and the set-up, however the challenge didn't live up to that first impression.

That was one of the better tribal councils in a season with some good ones. When everything looked so smooth with the plan for tribal so early in the episode you knew it was going to get dicey after that. Kudos to the editors for keeping things suspenseful.
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