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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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Does this mean that GLW informed Nimoy about the incident? (No other co-stars?) So much time's passed I only remember the incident itself from her book.
I'm interested in that answer, too.

How would HE know and no one else?
The answer to that is in Whitney's memoir, which (unfortunately) I don't have on hand to quote from. My copy is in another state.
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Thank you, Harvey.

I see it now, I was worried he was involved somehow and I'm happy he wasn't.
Google "The Full Body Project" and you get a view of Leonard Nimoy's compassionate nature.

I read an artist’s photography blog that Nimoy commented on (or was it another art) and he was encouraging to the artist –(of course, she had no clue who he was) but it led me to look at is pictures and read his photographic intent. I can see he only wants women to feel good about themselves.

I can’t help speculate if Leonard Nimoy's art is atonement for guilt; did he give advice to Grace Lee Whitney that in retrospect haunts him?
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