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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Just a small tweak somewhere would have at least bought some credability. Instead of saying they absorb electricity, just say they generate a constant low-level EMP field. That way, they're everywhere and nothing works, but it's not frying your brain. And the pendants simply shut off the nanites within range (or nulify the field, whichever you like).

Electricity /= magic. Dumb explanation.
Warp Drive = magic, explain however you wish.

Doesn't mean I don't enjoy the show for what it is, but retarded science isn't a plus. If they can't explain it, i'd rather they handwave it away rather than try.
Fair enough. But even Trek isn't consistent within its own magical techno-babble. Great example is the trasnporters. Multiple times we are drumbeat told that the process of transporting is not cloning.

But yet - in one episode it creates a duplicate Riker. So is it cloning to transport or not?

The point is - like you or someone else said upthread - writers are not scientists and they get themselves in trouble for trying to be scientists in not only Revolution but virtually every sci-fi show/movie out there.
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