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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I'm afraid I'm with teya, R. Star, and BruntFCA on this one. Janeway forced someone to kill himself. Against his will. It was for the good of the ship, but it was still murder. I like Janeway, but this decision has always, always disturbed me.
It wasn't for the good of the ship. The ship would have been fine with either decision. Janeway was even siding with Tuvix, until a tearful Kes begged to have her Neelix back who she loved more than any other... Even though she's 3 months (12 episodes) away from dumping him. Please murder creepy Tuvix who wants to have sex with me so that I can have sex with Neelix for three months and then forget that I care about him in the slightest.

If this "merge" happened after their breakup, Kes would not have been so impassioned for the return of Neelix, and Tuvix would have retained life on the ship.

But some of what I just said is based on a now spurious belief I once had that Neelix and Kes were boffing. Since I found out that they have separate rooms, on different decks of the ship I agreed with the nice on the inside people here, that Kes and Neelix had most probably never done it.

Factor this.

Neelix played it PG.

Light petting.

That's it.

Tuvix wanted to bang her hard into next week with his hybrid dong and Vulcan superstrength.

Tuvix was sex mad.

Neelix was letting Kes set the timetable (Wait till I'm three years old please.) and he was mostly nonexpressive about he obvious discontent concerning his throbbing blueballs.

Adding Neelix to the curry cracked the terse suppression Tuvok had on wanting to tap Kes.

Tuvok was an old man with old man needs that he passed on to Tuvix. He was not a child who would settle for a hug and a peck on the cheek if he was lucky. He'd killed people that got inbetween him and sex before, or Tuvok'd been bloody lucky he hadn't had to pull someone's spine out after going through pon far at least 12 times.

This is the sexual furiosity little Kes was running full tilt away from and used as the grease to leverage Tuvix's execution with Janeway.

She cried wolf.

Janeway believed her.

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
And I don't think the Doctor should be attacked for what he said. The fact that it was his programming that decided it was wrong is irrelevant. If he had been a flesh-and-blood physician, his decision would have been the same. Doctors don't kill people against their will.
When a telemarketer rings you up during dinner time and they're reading badly from a script asking for the house holder or mispronouncing your name unimaginably terribly, how seriously do you take them?

They're robots.

Same difference.
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