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I don't think so.

The episodes "The Battle" (SD 41723), "The Big Goodbye" (SD 41997) and "Angel One" (SD 41636) were shown in production order, well before Tasha's death scene in "Skin of Evil", and all of them featured Tasha Yar but had stardates postdating her death.

The only remarkable out-of-production-order airing is the very late showing of "Haven", about seven slots later than production order would imply. But that one creates no continuity problems at either slot, and doesn't pose obstacles to the use of stardate order for early TNG.

You might be thinking of the fact that Tasha's death in "Skin of Evil" was in an episode produced before her final onscreen appearance in "Symbiosis". But when those two episodes were aired, death came later than life, just as it should. Moreover, "Symbiosis" had no stardates to complicate this reshuffling.

Timo Saloniemi
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