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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

No other responses for a while so I guess I am gutting it alone now, but I figured that would probably be the case the way this season has progressed.

Just finished issue 20...and wow. This issue was probably my favourite issue in a while. Willow returns from her mini-series and possessing partial magic, and a refurbished Scythe. Xander continues to spiral down lost and feeling useless as we flashback to last season's finale and learn that he snapped and nearly attempted to kill Angel. Chambliss has teased that this season finale's all about reuniting the Scoobies we saw the start of that. We've seen Dark Willow of course...could this be Dark Xander? Or perhaps Xander double agenting here or something? Nevertheless things have started to get very interesting, and the Karl Moline art was great in this issue (except for Andrew who for some reason keeps looking different every time I see him and looks nothing like Tom Lenk).
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