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When it's things like warp drive and DIL crystals, you can kinda accept it, because it's far-future tech, so essentially magic anyway. You have no basis for understanding the concepts the system works on, so can't really nitpick anything but for consistency. When it's about everyday concepts that we understand very well, you can't ask for the same suspension of disbelief. We KNOW how electricity works, so pretty easy to poke all kinds of holes in this dumb nanite scheme.
I don't know what Star Trek you were watching but the one I was [especially Next Gen] was notorious for giving one outrageous techno-babble explination after another for everything.

I wish people would simply admit they don't like the show because the plot is weak rather than nitpick the techno-babble explinations in this show for the lights going off but likely giving Trek a pass on the same thing.
And I don't know what POST you were reading, but you sure as heck weren't responding to what I actually said. Not complaining about techno-babble, but how it's applied, and to which principles.

Techno-babble (while annoying at times) is ok if you don't have any basis for the principles. You can go on all day about the DIL crystals, quantum slipstream, even a flux capacitor, and as long as you're more or less consistent with yourself, no problem. Can't exactly tell them that that's not how the slipstream really works, right? Only can tell if they do it differently than they did last time. Sure, you'd PREFER they don't just use the deflector to emit whatever magical particles will fix the issue, but you can't tell them that it doesn't work like that, because they made it up...

ELECTRICITY isn't one of those magical concepts. We know how it works, and very easy to tell when they're screwing it up. But the writers don't seem to know that, and assume the viewers are too stupid to notice, either. it's not techno-babble if it's working with real, present-day science, it's just nonsense.

These things shouldn't be absorbing electricity, dumb concept. Not any method (nor size/capacity) to STORE it, or discharge it. They'd be popping like fireflies. And probably wouldn't work for 15 years after the blackout without more power sources. For that to begin to work, you'd need to be showing things generating power that just doesn't seem to provide a result (but is being absorbed). And if there's no other source, HUMANS are the next likely food source. Quadrillions of these things, and we're breathing them in. YOU are an electrical system, you'd be shorted out and dead. Lightning would be a non-existant concept, as if they're floating around in the air, they can absorb it long before the bolt forms, as there's the potential in the sky. Just a dumb way to explain the concept.

Just a small tweak somewhere would have at least bought some credability. Instead of saying they absorb electricity, just say they generate a constant low-level EMP field. That way, they're everywhere and nothing works, but it's not frying your brain. And the pendants simply shut off the nanites within range (or nulify the field, whichever you like).

Electricity /= magic. Dumb explanation.
Warp Drive = magic, explain however you wish.

Doesn't mean I don't enjoy the show for what it is, but retarded science isn't a plus. If they can't explain it, i'd rather they handwave it away rather than try.
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