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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I personally think Janeway did the right thing, and I totally agree with Guy's numbers thing here. But the best reasoning I have heard (and I believe it was from Christopher Bennett) was that Janeway had to save Tuvok and Neelix because to sacrifice them for Tuvix would have been a betrayal to the rest of the crew. They had to feel that her loyalty was to them and not someone that was a transporter accident. Would you have gone on an away mission for her if you knew in the back of your mind that she might not choose you? It wasn't only a choice to save two friends, it was a choice to keep her crew's loyalty. To any effective captain, the crew's safety has to come first, before right and wrong even.
Well that's racism at work there.
Of course it is, but that still doesn't make her decision wrong, when in fact it was the only decision she could have made.

You know the funny part, you guys that don't understand how we can believe that Janeway was right, should understand that we don't see why you want to heap so much hate on her in the first place. And that is a prejudiced position no matter which side you are on.

The judgment of Janeway's action here depends entirely on a gut reaction. It is a moral dilemma, there is no right answer for everyone and everyone's opinion is completely based in the individual's prejudice. You can tell the pro-choice from the anti-choice here, you can tell the pro feminists from the anti feminist. It all colors the individual's opinion. And no one will ever agree.

IMHO, every thread that starts with the word Tuvix or Equinox, should be locked, no good comes from them.
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