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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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there was no "right" decision here. Tuvix, through no fault of his own, was denying Tuvok and Neelix there right to life, but Tuvix had his right to be there as well. Many "dilemmas" in Trek are fake and poorly handled(see "dear doctor"), but this was not one of them. They created a situation where there really was no right answer.
Three weeks earlier Janeway arranged for the death of her entire crew including Neelix and Tuvok, and then got beaver-damned when her damn yummy duplicate got to be martyred instead.

Maybe she was reticent about that?

That sounds like Kathryn(s) murdered them twice already, if one set of Tuvix components more so unsuccessfully than the other.

Not a good month for these two.

Meanwhile NEXT WEEK!

Next fucking week!

Do you know what happens next week?

If Tuvix could have just kept some clever lawyering bullshit running Janeway in circles for one more frakking week. Not very long in the complete scheme of things... Hell even Q got a couple days for a trial before he was allowed to commit suicide.

One more week.

That's all he needed.

One week.

In one more week Janeway and Chakotay would have gotten horrible bugbites and gone into a terrible coma and then been marooned, never to set foot on Voyager ever again.


If Tuvix could have stayed Janeways hand for one more week.

Janeway and Chakotay would have been gone, and this composite man would have been the Captain.

Captain Tuvix.

No one has ever considered this?

On fricking week on a stick.



Tuvok risked certain death attacking a Vidiaan caravan to find a cure for his beloved (like a daughter) Kathryn... Tuvix would have left her to rot and waste time away frakking the Indian till she's grey and buried.

One week.


Of course, then you have to wonder if Captain Tuvix would have gotten his ass kicked by Basics?
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