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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

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Did you watch the opening credits? Every Star Trek series had Star Trek in the title. Beginning with the Next Generation right up through and including Voyager, it was Star Trek: followed by the subtitle.

Except Enterprise. Even Paramount acknowledged Enterprise isn't Star Trek. Make of that whatever you will.
You obviously didn't watch seasons 3-4.
Too little, too late. And really, what does it matter? The fact is, it was the first series - legitimately Star Trek or otherwise - to be cancelled since TNG hit the airwaves in 1987. There just weren't enough people willing to watch the drivel they were serving.

I mean, it's fine if you're a fan. That's great. I'd rather have a script written via a keyboard. I'm pretty sure Enterprise's scripts were written in crayon.
Haha, I guess I was searching for a deeper meaning of "its not Star Trek" than the actual phrase being listed in the opening credits. Do you actually have any opinions that aren't these wonderfully broad generalizations about nothing?

Anyway, this pretty much makes my point of why the OP should just watch the show in a vacuum and stay out of the boards until you are done.
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