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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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The problem with having past Doctors appearing is some are too old or too dead.
Some sort of Tribbles mixing old and new futage would work.
Plenty of ways around both obstacles. They could go the Tribbles route.

Or, they wouldn't have to include all of the past Doctors, pick and choose. Some of them appear close enough to be workable. And there's always the Time Crash explanation.

Mr Awe
Trials and Tribblations is hard to do. Partially because DW has few episodes that are on the Tardis completely and have multiple doctors on there. It's always on location some where. DS9 did 2 things having practical set reconstructions of parts of the ship and some CGI when "enteracting" with the crew or in the same shot as the crew. But really if you watch that episode there were actually few scenes where they were with the TOS crew at the same time It's seamless how it's done. DW is just a different show and really can't have that because the other doctors were always on some planet or having some adventure going on somewhere or occasionally defending the earth from the Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, or other foes. It's hard to put two stories with that. The best way to bring back all the old doctors is having younger guys playing those roles. Especially for the first 7. Have you really seen how Collin Baker looks now? He does a great job as the role in voice for Big Finish but you can't even recognize him now. Baker looks much older too. I do agree McGann looks pretty young plus we can have him be a bit older since we have no idea how long he really was the doctor so any aging there would be fine. I kinda wish they woulda brought him back partly because I love the Big Finish 8th doctor stories. I do agree McCoy could possibly play him. He's probably a little too old but I agree with others that he looked older then.

If anyone hasn't heard Big Finish and wants to get into them listen to all of the 8th doctors stories. I like all the doctors in the Big Finish medium but I was mostly interested because I wanted to hear more of the 8th doctor and they deliver here.

Still even if you could get actors to play all the doctors once again or bring back some a 45-70 minute story for these guys(which is what you get after adverts) just wouldn't be enough for a good story. Big Finish will deliver much better on the 50th reunion story for the earlier doctors. I'm probably just as excited for their reunion story this fall as I am for the DW televised 50th which I probably won't catch when it airs because I won't have cable.
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