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Re: Should I give Enterprise another chance?

Well I'm actually in the same boat here, but due to my obviously inferior attention span, I didn't even make it past Season 1. I just thought it was a very poor re-hashing of the same stuff we'd had in the past. Then 'In the Mirror Darkly' came on and I was totally blown away! Yet it just wasn't quite enough to get back fully back into the series, let alone convince me to go back and trawl through all the first and second seasons.

However, now that I've mellowed a bit too (and all the grey hairs are starting to poke through), I too am considering going back to to 'Prise'. Doug Drexler is actually trying to launch a 5th series comissioned by getting everyone to tune in to 'Prise' on Netflix. He's got a Faceache page about it and everything! I think now that more and more programs are getting a 'second life' online, this truly is the time to trek back to the future!
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