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Re: When exactly did Marla McGivers die?

Done with the first two books...mostly did a full read but did do a little skimming along the way. A vile plot has just been hatched against Marla!

I'll say the third book does a fair amount to redeem Marla's character, if one feels that redemption was needed. Perhaps it would have been nice if we got a bit more insight into whether Khan originally seduced her solely to take control of Enterprise, or whether there was any underlying feeling initially.

I've also got to say that Khan's group IMO wins the award for people most put through long-term hell in a Trek novel in terms of intensity, though the ill-fated crew of Columbia win for longevity.

I admit that, especially on a re-read, the multitudinous references to other Trek works get a bit too close to fanwank for my comfort zone. I mean, they are entertaining, but it is a bit of "small universe", and I can see why some readers would be alienated by it.

I'm not sure about the realism of Khan being able to coax data out of the Beta 5 either, but it obviously needs to happen for the plot to advance, and it doesn't seem totally ludicrous.

Overall they are a fun read! Well, book 3 is less fun than the earlier works.

Greg - if you'd be willing to share any thoughts you have on your own books given several years to reconsider them, I'd be grateful.

On an unrelated note (and hopefully I'm not damaging any writers' brewing ideas) I'd be curious to see a Myriad Universes story where Khan lived up to his potential for good instead of falling prey to his own arrogance.
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