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Good or Interesting Web Shows

I know shows created for the web isn't exactly a new thing. There have been several good web shows such as Star Trek: Phase 2, Starship Exeter, Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, The Guild and lots more. This year however, feels like web shows have finally started becoming professional. By professional, I mean that I am seeing shows that are not done in an amateurish fashion but could actually have been put on television.

My number one favorite web-show right now is TableTop. It is hosted by none other than Wil Wheaton. Each week, Wil invites a couple of semi-famous people onto the show and they play a board game together. Season 2 just started this week, and here's the latest episode.

My next favorite is All Star Celebrity Bowling. This isn't a show with a regular schedule. I guess it only gets made when they manage to kidnap some celebrities. Still, its fun watching the cast from Doctor Who, Breaking Bad or Conan O'Brien try to bowl.

Finally, I just found a show called Strip Search. Its a reality show by the folks behind Penny Arcade where they find the next great web comic strip artist.

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