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Certainly an interesting idea, and a good read. Thanks.

I hated the way they treated Cerberus, and TIM in ME3. In ME2 you always got the sense that he DID have humanity's interests at heart, he was just willing to go to extreme measures to protect those interests. You also had decent lower-level Cerberus operatives like Miranda and Jacob (ok Jacob was a jerk in ME3, but he was decent enough in ME2). All of a sudden in ME3 TIM had become Old Man Winters from the spooky abandoned theme park and the rest of Cerberus were equally as pantomime.

I liked what they did with Cerberus in ME2, my XBox GT even references them, but by the end of ME3 I was absolutely sick of the sight of them. By the time the Omega DLC came about it already had one strike against it before I'd even begun once I learned it was yet more Cerberus skullduggery......!

Mac Walters - screwed up the ending, and single-handedly screwed over what could have been a worthy antagonist.

TIM deserved better, Cerberus deserved better.
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