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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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Not so much, no. As I said, the actors that made the show what it is today are being included, save the one who didn't agree to appear. The previous incarnation of Who has very little to do with this one.
Palpable nonsense. You may not like the older stuff - and that's understandable - but despite superficial differences in pacing and production, Doctor Who is Doctor Who. You can divide it (1963-'89, '96, 2005-) into several distinctly different eras (the early Hartnell historicals, the Troughton action adventure serials, the Quatermass-inspired contemporary Earth-based stories of the Pertwee era, Philip Hinchcliffe's Gothic horror of the early Tom Bakers, before Douglas Adams brought a more light-hearted approach, right up to the Buffy-esque postmodern RTD era and the dark fairytale of Moffat), but the Doctor, his intelligence, his heroism, the central mystery of his true nature, the TARDIS, the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans, the Ice Warriors, the Master, the Autons (featured in the first Eccleston episode), the upcoming Zygons, Sarah Jane Smith, K9 etc. are iconic constants of the programme.

The actors who made the show what it is today (particularly Tennant and Smith) have drawn on and based their own performances on their predecessors, from Tennant overtly taking on certain Tom Baker mannerisms and vocal inflections (the breathy, bulgy-eyed "Awww!!" and the "Weeeelll..."), and the Peter Davison sniffle (not to mention the things they even went to the trouble of highlighting in Time Crash; the excitable squeaky voice, the brainy specs, the trainers), to Matt Smith's very Troughton-esque look, vocal inflections and physicality.

The format of the series itself today is in effect a distillation of all the various eras and approaches to the show in the old days.

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That does bring up an interesting question though: Had Doctor Who premiered back in 2005 and not had the previous series to back it up, would it have lasted?
I'm not sure it's possible to answer that, even hypothetically. The modern series is absolutely, in every respect, the culmination of the first 26 years. The 2005 series built on the concepts of the earlier run - aside from the Doctor and the TARDIS, and the basic format, you have the Daleks and (most importantly) regeneration showcased in that first revival series.

If the basic 1963 concept of the show had instead been created in 2005, it's probable that it would still be running today, but who knows. In any case, it wouldn't be the same.
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