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Re: Archer's decision to strand civilians in Delphic Expanse

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He could always swing back by after the mission was complete and give them a lift home.
By all accounts that aquatic ship carried them all the way home. And they definitely never went back into the expanse because the Xindi were never heard from again.

But what I was trying to point out was there were different scenarios where those folks maybe weren't totally screwed. Starfleet could've sent a ship later to pick them up or notified the Andorians or Vulcans about the stranded crew or even sent a warp probe to their homeworld to notify them of the distressed crew.
Oh yeah a probe... "Dear randomalienoftheweek government. Sorry we hijacked parts from Damar's spaceship and left him stranded. Hope he's alive still, but here are their coordinates. Here are flowers for his family if they're not alive. Plz join the Coalition of Planets. K thx. Bai."
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