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Re: Can USS VOYAGER separate from saucer section?

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Intrepid's are not a science vessel.

Janeway scoffs about how inferior science vessels are in Equinox when talking about the Nova class.
The Nova is this era's equivalent to the old Oberth class. Lots of sensor equipment, but barely any teeth.
Considering how underpowered a true science vessel is, it's a miracle that Equinox even made it out of Kazon and Vidiian space in one piece.

The Intrepid is more like half a step below the Miranda. Pretty versatile, but it has to make so many trade-offs that it's just an Explorer, instead of a mixed class like the Galaxy. Something you can actually send into an area that was previously only seen on deep-space sensors and still have a good chance that it will survive for more than five minutes.
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