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Re: Do we want to know the Doctor's secret?

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His character is partly built on mystery. Do we really want the entire backstory told to us? Do we want to know his name?

Moffat's writing usually divides fandom so I'm a little worried what kind of history we have in store.
Revealing the secret does NOT translate to "entire backstory." You can reveal a secret but not the entire backstory.

It is interesting to reveal bits of the Doctor's history at a time. There was a point we didn't even know what planet he was from and his species! Those are well accepted now but don't diminish the character.

I think it's good to reveal aspects of the character over time. I'm not a fan of mysteries that are never solved. But, it wouldn't be good, and I don't expect Moffat to do this, to reveal everything.

In other words, it's not something to worry about.

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