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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

rfmcdpei wrote: View Post
this would go a long way towards explaining why a prolific Trek novelist would suddenly stop producing new novels.
IIRC, she stopped writing ST novels to dabble in local politics?

Use of Time wrote: View Post
If you want to see novelizations done right than you'll have to go back to Vonda McIntyre's work with the three movie saga. (TWOK, TSFS, TVH) Those are the only novelizations I personally have found memorable.
If you noticed, Vonda McIntyre had a falling out with Richard Arnold on the ST IV novelization; it was one of the first books that Roddenberry got him to vet rather than Susan Sackett, IIRC. RA hated the authors adding new material and would mention it at conventions. You can see that, after the sequence with the San Francisco trash collectors (McIntyre makes their lines quotes from a Hollywood script they're writing together), she totally stops adding additional material for the rest of the book. It was also her last book for "Star Trek".

But yes, ST II and ST III are amazing novelizations and I have a soft spot for Roddenberry's own ST:TMP, and Carey's "Starfleet Academy" game novelization.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Studios' preference for more limited novelizations, faithful to the source and adding little or nothing, has been an industry-wide trend in recent years. It's not specific to Trek or to Pocket.
Very true. But Richard Arnold did not like the addition of lots of bonus material generated by the Pocket authors either. So the leaner, truer-to-script novelizations started appearing when he moved from volunteer tour guide to Star Trek Office assistant and then salaried "Star Trek Archivist".
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