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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Why did Janeway let what the Doctor said to her get to her an more than if some holographic man whore in Sandrine's said that she had small feet and pretty eyes to lure upstairs and onto all fours?
Because people use words not spoken to them by real people as mirrors to reflect back to them things about themselves. A person can read a religious text and feel convicted about their bad impulses, or they can read an inspiring biography and feel pangs about their sloth or whatever. It's the same with psychologists stating a series of (possible) facts and the person seizes on the one that they already knew, but hadn't verbalized. Janeway has already personified the EMH in the course of her interactions with him so the words that reflect back her own doubts have even more power, because she's given them the power of being from a real person. Just like reading the bible has more reflective power if the person thinks that God is speaking to them.

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