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Making the Intepid Class Prototype (Sternbach)

Hi everyone,

Rick Sternbach designed this as a primary concept idea for the USS Voyager. He was later told to 'smooth' the design over and make it look a bit more like a Lexus, which he did.

This design, is a particular favourite of mine and has been ever since I first saw it when I was about 15 years old in the 'Art of Star Trek' book. Sternbach did other angled views of this concept, but changed the details whenever he did so, meaning that this picture is the ONLY existing image of this particular design. It was quite a challenge to build my Sketchup model to match, especially as I had never seen the navigational deflector array before, so essentially, I got to add my own flair to the design. Here's the back quarter view to match the original sketch. It's obviously not finished, so there's much more to follow!

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