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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)


I'm reading the Ultron one shot by Mrs Imomen, which is about Ultron's kid who hung out with the Runaways, which is awful, and I'm finally realizing that there's one player in Age of Ultron who is unaccounted for... Present day Ultron.

We've seen Ultron confront previous versions of himself with contempt and destroy his creator, himself too, before whereafter you have to wonder what drive this #### has to procreate that his children will murder him and assume his identity effortlessly and without forethought of malice but just instinctually cannibalizes his dispossessed self like a stainless steel happymeal.

Wait? I'm thinking about an early issue of West Coast Avengers where Old Ultron did not like his replacement who was a nice Ultron who thought of himself as Hank Pyms loving and dutiful son... Point is, that the newer superior upgraded model was found to be flawed and therefore trashed for being disloyal to the cause, which means the old model isn't automatically submissive to it's replacement model... Does Ultron commit suicide when he accepts that his successor is deserving or is it the murder of the inferior program undeserving of the name Ultron like I first supposed?

Ultron made a lot of enemies in space.

Are we even sure that this isn't old code and Ultron isn't still in space?

Split descendancy?

Ultron would leave a lot of contingencies for his destruction by the Avengers that there has to be some sort of hierarchy for taking the name and job that less deserving Ultrons bow out of the line of succession to responsibly destroy Earth until all superior copies/upgrades have been removed from play...

And there would be arguments about what determines the criteria for such a pecking order.

Future boys need to be immediately disqualified since there's always one more minute upstream from whence Ultron can return to make machine ascendancy just a little more perfect which is just asking the universe to sandwich in on itself... Which may be why he's using Vision as a muppet?

Middle child syndrome?

Present day Ultron would be superpissed about how well Future Ultron is doing and can't be happy about becoming fates bitch following through with some other buggers plan, even if it's just an asshole version of himself.

But then Present day Ultron can't be completely sure that the Ultron from the future is actually descended from him and tnot a contingency held back in a duck blind waiting to come into play after his destruction at Squirrel Girls hands.

Never trust a futurion.

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