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Re: Morrisey: 'Margret Thatcher did not give a shit about people'

I had wondered when Morrissey would crawl out from under his rock.

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, I just think she's been demonised to an extent, and people tend to forget A-what an utter mess the UK was in 1979, B-That manufacturing and the mining industry were already in decline before she came to power, in fact more mines closed in the 11 years before she came to power than in her 11 years in office. Plus she bought industry to the UK (Toyota, Nissan etc) C- That the Unions really were crippling the country.

None of this means I agree with everything she did or everything she stood for, Clause 28, South Africa, Pinochet (although all leaders cosy up to nasty dictators, take Blair with Gaddaffi) I just think people don't seem to be objective about her (I understand why). I think the BBC has done a good job over the past few days of portraying her time in office fairly, highlighting the good and bad, and also suggesting that most of what happened in the 80s would have happened anyway--maybe not as deep or as fast, but things did need to change.

I think she was a neccesary evil, except I don't think that's fair as I don't think she was evil, just harsh. A neccesary harshness then.

But that's just my opinion, I just hope people look at the facts (on both sides) and also understand the context of the period as well.
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