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Re: Morrisey: 'Margret Thatcher did not give a shit about people'

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Be a man and bring it to TNZ.

Funny how politics in the entertainment forum are okay when the politics involve attacking conservatives.
I didn't realize that Squiggy started this thread, or for that matter, that he has even posted in it so far.
G-Man lacks the ability to distinguish between different individuals or those individuals and a broad political ideology that has a ton of variation. They're all just one big group mind equally responsible for everything anyone else says.

He also lacks the ability to distinguish between a movie reviewer making a harmless comment about healthcare access that insults no one in a review of a movie about healthcare and a bigoted author who wants to deny an entire group equal rights and finances activism and promotes legislation to that end.

He also lacks the ability to tell the difference between a movie reviewer with no significant political power and an immensely powerful and influential politician whose policies affected tens of millions and still have an effect today, and why there's a difference in criticizing them.

He lacks tact, and understanding of the words irony or hypocrisy, the guts to defend his BS in a place where people can respond freely, the ability to not politicize every insignificant thing, or the knowledge of when to shut up and let something go instead of expanding it elsewhere.

In summary, G-Man is hopelessly lacking.

ETA: Sorry, Cultcross, I was typing this up as you posted yours. I won't say anything else.
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