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Re: Hemlock Grove - Netflix Original Horror serie

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Thanks for the reminder. April 19!

House of Cards wasn't binge fodder for me, but I think this one might be. So what's the plan, people need to avoid this thread until they've seen the whole show? Is it 6 episodes total?

Netflix really needs some way to save an upcoming original series to your streaming queue the way you can save DVDs. It's silly that there's no way to just say "send this to my Roku when it debuts" at any time and then forget about it until it shows up on the release date, even if you save it months before the debut.
Be lucky that you even have a queue.. They still havent implemented it to nordic Netflixes.

Too much trouble if everyone puts number of episodes watched in beginning of their post? Like watched 3/13 episodes. That way you can ignore posts that may have spoilers. Or would thread get too confusing with that?

Hopefully its atleast same quality as House of cards was.
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