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Re: New NBC Comedies

Badda bing badda bang, the season is done.

The New Normal I came to love. There's this bit in the middle where the little girl during an impassioned speech says "When people eventually find out that my glasses have clear lenses which are just for show, they think that I'm a little weird but I don't mind that" I had to admire how darling her character was... And the boring dad... HE'S THE LEAD GUY FROM THE HANG OVER!!! I mean he is so absolutely boring that this fellah makes no impression on me what soever, but... He's obviously not the top billed partin the hangover, but he's playing Dean Martin come Steve Guttenberg in the hero role, that his part should be the romantic hero if the Hang over wasn't ensemble torture porn.

8 out of ten.

Goon (Yes I'm spelling it right). It's mostly harmless. Enjoy the reruns, nothing special but nothing that will insult or belittle your intellect... Mostly. Shuffling piper Perabo into the mix for 1/4 of a season as a doomed love interest was an excellent incentive for those that kept up with the show as well as Courtney Cox driving through near the end.

Oh, and a shout out to Matthew who is playing one of the cunning bad guys on The Good Wife periodically in a reoccurring role where I don't think I've seen his shit eating grin once.

6 out of 10

Animal Practice. Gods. Painful. The last 5 episodes were shelfed and I had to see them in Australia, whch were even worse than the ones which aired. It was just so one dimensional and telegraphed and transparent and predictable and... Tyler LaBane is going to do a half hour Reaper Reunion episode as that show goes into syndication on After Weeds, anything must have seemed like a fork in the cheek to Justin, but he must have known that he wasn't overreacting to the dire horror to each script and they each literally were anther consecutive fork in the same face. The monkey was not cool. I am not that easily manipulated. Fuck you America's funniest videos for lowering the national IQ, allowing TV executives to think that they can feed us shit and call it custard. Two and a Half Men might have something to do with that trend to. Even good jokes about farts are still jokes about farts.

2 out of ten.
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