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Re: Jurassic Park 3D

I saw it last night with my older brother. It's one of our favorite films, as well as a huge part of our childhood. I was eight when it first came out in theaters, and my brother took me to see it with him. It was terrifying, but it was also the coolest thing I had ever seen. It blew my little eight-year-old mind. When it came out on video, we literally watched it every day. And it was mostly responsible for my childhood obsession with dinosaurs. (To this day, I'm sure I could tell you the names of almost every dinosaur. ) So needless to say, I would have gone to see it even if it hadn't been in 3-D.

However, it really was great in 3-D. Not spectacular, but pretty danged great. The Gallimimus scene looked especially good. What really impresses me is how well the special effects have held up over the years. Twenty years later, that T-rex still looks like a frigging dinosaur. I love that.

Also, it was so much fun seeing it in the theater, because there were kids in the audience who obviously hadn't seen it before. During the scene where Grant finds the clutch of eggs, I heard one kid in the audience go, "UH-OH!!" It was adorable.

I'm going to see it again, with my best friend. She was only six when it first came out, so she wasn't old enough to see it in the theater. She's really excited; it's one of her favorite movies, too.
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