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Re: What REALLY happened to Dr. Daystrom after 'The Ulitimate Computer

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In "Whom Gods Destroy," Kirk implies that the inhabitants of Elba Two are the only remaining cases of mental illness in the galaxy, and Spock says, "A total of fifteen incurably insane out of billions..."
One of those things I tend to ignore because it doesn't make much sense.
I agree. Although given that 'mental illness' is a social construct, it's not inconceivable that the definition would change significantly over time, especially given how many different cultures existed in the Trek universe. Perhaps they just had a narrow definition of it then.
I hardly think mental illness is just a social construct. That smacks of ideological silliness.

But anyway, Spock says "A total of fifteen incurably insane out of billions is not what I would call an excessive figure." [Emphasis added.]
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